Sandi Ridley, Retired Office Worker, Life-long dedicated rider

I have a much better sense of how to softly control my back to help my horse
reach through her back into the bridle. We’re moving in buoyant harmony
more consistently thanks to the workshops I had with you.

Rebecca Olmstead, Dressage Rider

I really enjoyed my mounted Alexander lessons with Constance because I made big improvements in my riding. I always take away something very tangible and easy to remember – which is not always the case in the subtle and elusive sport of riding.

Aida McGugan, Classical Dressage Rider, Alexander teacher

Your workshop was a revelation. It helped me achieve a better understanding
of years of riding instructions. Thanks to your clear and encouraging
instruction I have more ease and stability in the saddle. My horse loves my
new better balance and is happy in our work.

Contact Constance to set up a Well-Carried Rider workshop in your area, and experience an improved dressage seat.

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