“Since the criteria of a correct seat are the same as the criteria of good posture in general, being constantly attentive to one’s bearing when standing or walking is excellent training. A correct vertical posture of the head and the trunk on horseback is not a special posture applicable only to riding.”

– Brigadier General Kurt Albrecht from “The Principles of Dressage”

“The horse is the mirror of the rider; his character, his mood, his present frame of mind, his attitude towards his horse and the subject matter find their expression in the quality of the horse’s gait.”

– Dr. Thomas Ritter

“The end of all schooling and dressage is perfect harmony between man and mount – Beauty. The horse must show that he feels comfortable and rider must not betray how hard it is to achieve this!”

– Wilhelm Museler from “Riding Logic” 1937

“At first the rider must learn to stay in the correct position whilst at the same time absorbing the movement of the horse. He has to be able to do this without losing his balance or needing to grip on the horse. Maintaining the same position, whatever the horse does, and smoothly following all the movements of the horse in a relaxed and erect way, without actively influencing him, is called passive sitting.”

” The best way to learn this is on the lunge, as this allows the rider to concentrate completely on his own body, balance and position without having to focus on steering the horse. You can never spend too much time trying to perfect your seat.”

– Kyra Kyrklund, from “Dressage with Kyra”

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